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Strengthening satellite destinations by providing collaborative networks, coaching and development tools.

A specialised networking hub for satellite destinations* to better compete with larger, more resourceful competitors and to be a part of a sustainable tourism* development by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

* satellite destinations• n. a destination that in its identity is unique but which in practice appears in strong competition by or exists entirely in the shadow of an adjoining destination in terms of image, attractiveness and competitiveness.

* sustainable tourism• n. Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.


International tourist arrivals worldwide increased 6% in 2018 to 1.4 billion, based on data from destinations around the world. Given the remarkable growth of international arrivals in recent years, the 1.4 billion mark has been reached two years ahead of UNWTO’s forecast issued in 2010.

Every destination has their own possibilities as well as challenges in finding a sustainable strategy to gain from the increased tourism. For this development and strategy processes, it is important to meet other people, destinations and businesses for inspiration and knowledge exchange.
That is why GAMENG CONNECT are founded.

In spite of the increasing global tourism it’s still the biggest and most popular tourist destinations that grows and the need of a more sustainable development and strategy is urgent to avoid over tourism, negative reputation and hostile citizens.

A lot of urban strategies involve the dispersal of visitors within the
city and beyond which aims to get visitors to avoid the crowded areas and inspire them to visit areas nearby and in the surroundings as well as satellite destinations.

The number of destinations that put their effort on marketing and development to attract inhabitants, visitors and businesses is increasing.

Through Gameng Connect, which is a networking hub, the satellite destinations get the chance to combine especially developed physical meetings, webinars and workshops, without internal competition, to become stronger and larger by sharing their knowledge and experiences with each other.


The process of GAMENG CONNECT is a continuous network of satellite destinations with similar challenges that, through collaboration and inspiration from experts, develop their destinations, strengthen the industry and thereby create jobs and contribute to sustainable tourism development with a well-thought-out visitor industry strategy.

Sustainable development contains strategies and action plans that takes advantage of the destination’s unique strengths and opportunities, which satisfy today’s needs without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations to satisfy their needs.

GAMENG CONNECT is a specialized networking hub for satellite destinations to better compete with larger, more resourceful competitors and to be a part of a sustainable tourism development by sharing their experiences and knowledge to others.
GAMENG CONNECT is also a collaboration platform, a network for destinations that continuously wants to strengthen its competitiveness and continue its growth in a sustainable way and with a network of tourism professionals to talk and co-create with.

GAMENG CONNECT is an international network, seminar and education program based on membership where the participants form smaller national groups that meet up at each other’s destinations to learn, be inspired, coached and become better together.

Members will get access to business, marketing models, templates and effective methods develop their own strategies and tactics.

GAMENG CONNECT is also a development model for destinations that step by step through interesting seminars and webinars, in cooperation with others, develop their ability and their uniqueness.

Where the site’s own exclusive DNA becomes keys to a strong identity and develops a sustainable, attractive and vibrant destination.


Through actual cases, guest speakers, onsight visits and co-creative workshops all participants get their chance to solve their own challenges and help others solve theirs. Together you become stronger, getting better and help.

During the membership period, a meeting is carried out per member destination and year that lasts 24 / h at each destination. Each meeting starts at lunch and ends at lunch the following day. The meetings include lectures, study visits, workshops and dinner, opportunities for networking and pleasant conversations as well as creative discussions.

The content of each event follows a clear structure, but each meeting addresses a current issue / challenge, which is created in consultation with the host destination.

• Continuous knowledge, inspiration and new ideas for your own work and organization.
• Templates, models and other valuable tools for destination development.
• New contacts and networks valuable for the future.
• Possibility to show your own destination at site, your own plans, strategies and get feedback for future development.
• Possibility to be strengthened in your own business role
• To establish a network with other professionals alike that will be “mentors” between the meetings where issues, opportunities and challenges can be “tested” without being questioned by your own colleaugues and organizations.
• Self-development through workshops and exchange of experiences with similar destinations.
• The members create teams of place marketers from the same type of organization and with the same mission as the participant himself, without direct competition, who visits his or her destination and organization for discussions on common interests, challenges and projects.

• Two people participate from each destination. It is possible to let different people go on the meetings depending on the direction of the meetings.
• Five different educational seminars per year on site brand development, marketing and event strategies, project/production management, target group segmentation and digital communication.
• Membership in the network GAMENG CONNECT for future valuable contacts, friendship and knowledge sharing.
• A digital platform with access to business models, templates and recordings of presentations that support destination communication and destination development.
• Access to GAMENG CONNECT’s experienced strategists, project managers and networks for consulting and project management.

Case studies

Project: Concept development and segmentation of Zaragoza, Spain.
To get a better understanding of the international tourism segments that Zaragoza can attract and the needs and values that drives them, to develop sustainable experiences that are attractive to the visitors as well as the people who live and work there.
Content: We investigate the total experience at the destination to look for gaps between the position Zaragoza wants, and the actual position they have.
– Gap audit of products / services.
– Segmentation of prioritised target groups.
– Bullet list of product / service adjustments to better reach target segments.
– Deeper knowledge of segments.
– Workshops with businesses and destination organisation
– Message formulation.
– Communication plan and market mix.

Project: Creating a relevant and effective event strategy for the city of Sodertalje, Sweden.
The purpose of the event strategy is to be a multi tool for all departments within the city when coordinating and dealing with events. The aim is to ad sustainable and positive experiences to all who live, work and visit the city and by choosing the right event. To focus on the right events that make the city more attractive for possible new business as well as inhabitants.
– Involve and engage relevant people, organisations and businesses to fully understand the need of the strategy through interviews, workshops and seminars.
– Create a method to use events as a tool to communicate the core values of the city.
– Choose the variables that will be most important for a prioritized event
– Deeper knowledge of segments.
– Create an effective process in the managing, support and attract both internal but also external events.

About us

Stefan Pettersson

As an executive Brand Strategist, Marketing Manager and Concept Developer for the travel industry, Stefan Pettersson has offered his knowledge and skills to several destinations and entrepreneurs. Having worked as a marketing director for the city of Uppsala, Stefan was in charge of the city’s brand communication, marketing strategies and project management. Stefan also works as a supervisor for independent, small and middle sized business owners, he has taught entrepreneurs strategic marketing, market communication, sales and concept development. Prior to that, he was responsible for the development of the Stockholm Visitors Center, with the mission to serve around 6,500 visitors per day. Stefan has gathered a lot of experience working for several destinations, but also supporting entrepreneurs and tourism businesses in developing exciting sustainable tourism products, and aligning those with the overall destination experience. He is also a popular keynote speaker, and an engaging moderator and project manager, when it comes to creative workshops and projects.

Daniela Hedström

As a Concept Developer, Project Manager and Production Manager, she has used her knowledge and skills in both destinations and businesses combined with a true interest in sustainability. A great knowledge of social media marketing, and the importance of events for marketing destinations has brought her to the travel blog world, and in the Nordic Lifestyle & Travel Event project, she has demonstrated her ability to develop engaging concepts. Daniela is a cosmopolitan adventurer with a genuine interest in different peoples, cultures and lifestyles, keeping in touch and managing projects and events with a clear purpose towards set goals.


If you are interested in our project, have any questions or suggestions just let us know, it would be fantastic to get in touch.